In The name of Gad

One of the most important issues in the contemporary world is the growing environmental problems and concerns about the health of society. Despite many efforts to protect the earth from environmental catastrophe, the ecosystem is still threatened in various ways and we are constantly facing a lot of destruction and damage. Environmental protection requires national determination to strengthen the culture of environmental protection at different levels of society. In this regard, the participation of universities and educational and research institutions in creating a culture of environmental protection can be considered as a preventive and effective approach to protect and promote environmental awareness. Therefore, the need for cooperation and participation of universities in overcoming environmental problems is undeniable. Universities should consider raising public awareness and promoting cultural goals as an important goal in their educational and research programs.

The University of Tehran, as a symbol of higher education, has continuously implemented many practical measures in order to achieve the objectives of "the Green University and sustainable development" in its various campuses. The University of Tehran not only considers itself responsible and committed to providing a healthy and green environment for faculty, staff, and students, but also as a national institution within the framework of its social responsibilities, strives to play an effective role in society.

The University of Tehran, despite its many limitations, has tried to encourage all its educational and research units to achieve the targets of the Green University and to meet sustainable development indicators, and also has implemented extensive projects and plans at the university level to become a green university. In the field of energy consumption management, the cooling and heating systems of the university are constantly updated so as to achieve the comfort of the staff and students by employing the most efficient equipment, to maximize energy-saving. In addition, the University of Tehran has taken practical steps and effective measures to reduce the use of fossil fuel resources and improve the quality of the energy supply network in critical situations by following distributed generation plans as well as the use of renewable energy. In the field of waste management, significant measures have been taken to separate wet-dry waste and to train and persuade staff to maintain the clean environment of the university. Other prominent measures of the university include the quantitative and qualitative development of green space in university units with an emphasis on saving energy carriers. In order to develop the green space, an attempt has been made to use native and hydrophilic plant species in the provision of green space. In addition to the above measures, we can also refer to the "university program without tobacco" in order to make the university atmosphere healthier. In this regard, the sale, distribution, and use of tobacco at the university level are prohibited and continuous monitoring has been conducted to achieve the designed goals of becoming a tobacco-free university.

I am welcoming all the esteemed guests, representatives of universities and research institutes, and all those involved in holding this conference. I would like to express my thanks to the managers of the general office of supervision at Developmental Projects of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. I hope that attendance, Exchange of views, and transfer of knowledge and experiences of the outstanding audience that are the prominent people in the field of green management, help to further expand the concepts and methods of achieving and moving towards green and healthy university campuses so that, God willing, environmental protection becomes a public culture and attitude.