An upsurge of environmental concerns alongside economic hardships has forced societies to take practical actions and pay more attention to tackle these issues that threaten their lives and level of welfare. With this regard, the University of Tehran with the collaboration of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology is hosting the 3rd International Conference on Green University (Health approach) and the 4th Exhibition on Green Management on the 31 Augurt and 1 Septembet 2021.

Based on reported statistics from GreenMetric 2020, Iranian Universities obtained great scores and high ranks in implementation of green indices, namely setting and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste and water management, transportation, and education worldwide, in their campuses and demonstrates their high potential to be a shining example for the Iranian Society. In addition, current pandemic situation as a result of COVID-19 disease has demonstrated the invaluable aspect of health-related issues which must be placed a premium on it to provide facilities for universities to tolerate hardships and compulsive situations that might face during such periods. The current conference and the exhibition are aimed to provide an opportunity for universities to represent their achievement, ideas, and practices of green management indices to reach green and sustainable campuses with special emphasis on health to illustrate that health is alongside with green management objectives. The conference and the exhibition hope to initiate positive changes in universities and Iranian society, overall.     

The 3rd International Conference on Green University (Health approach) and the 4th Exhibition on Green Management provide an opportunity for International and Iranian Elite Scholars to share and present their practical innovative findings and faced challenges in the fields of green management in universities with peers and decision-makers. Besides, the conference and the exhibition would bring about a friendly platform to present ideas and communications to connect industry and green start-ups with the university.