The message from the president of the University of Tehran: Dr. Seyed Mohammad Moghimi
The message from the president of the University of Tehran: Dr. Seyed Mohammad Moghimi

In The Name of God,

 The most beneficent, the most merciful


Human beings are members of a whole // In creation of one essence and soul


In today's world, it cannot be denied that many environmental problems have turned into biological crises with adverse social and welfare consequences. Happenings that have been the product of irresponsible and unfair treatment and exploitation of our nature, resources, and environment, and we are all somehow responsible for the current situation. Therefore, we can all play an effective role in getting out of it.

Green University with a focus on health is a necessity and an executive model for society. Greenization and moving in line with health-oriented guidelines can lead to the dynamism of a university in the first step and then in the second step can achieve a green and healthy society. Climate change, global warming, and resource depletion, which are the main outlines of green management programs in different communities, can only be tackled with collective thinking and cooperation, and a health-oriented green management program can be explained and implemented to provide dynamism, sustainability and, consequently yields progress for the university and, more broadly, for individuals in the community.

The University of Tehran has as the symbol of higher education in the country and as a pioneer of fourth-generation universities, has placed and emphasized social responsibility as a national commitment for itself and also under its 5-years strategic plans to promote ethics and social responsibility in three areas, namely strengthening professional ethics and responsibility, preserving the environment and moving towards a green university, and expanding the supportive environment and promoting the health of university residents.

The University of Tehran, as the host of the 3rd International Conference of Green University with a health-oriented approach and the 4th National Exhibition of Executive Achievements in the field of green management, hopes to provide a suitable platform for the transfer and exchange of knowledge and experiences (national and international) in the field of green management and health, and also be an accelerator for the realization of the slogan of Green University, Green Thought, and Green Society.

Seyed Mohammad Moghimi

The President of the University of Tehran