The message of Iran’s Minister of Science, Research and Technology for the third international conference of Green University
The message of Iran’s Minister of Science, Research and Technology for the third international conference of Green University





Dear Excellency, Ladies, and Gentlemen,

It is my great honor to be with you in the third international conference of Green University. At first, I should express my gratitude to the organizers who support this conference.

Today, it is no secret that the concept of human health has become subject to global attention as it is an important indicator of environmental health along with sustainable development. Not surprisingly, ensuring a healthy living environment is essential for sustainable development; otherwise, the goals of sustainable development will be unattainable. In addition to training the specialized workforce and future managers to deal with climate change, the country's higher education sector has an important potential in leading other organizations and becoming a successful symbol for management by creating new jobs and developing the initiatives of future craftsmen and specialists. Indeed, sustainability is in line with health in the country. As a result, new pathways to tackling environmental crises and ensuring human health cross-university departments and pathways. Support scientific research and projects such as "carbon footprint" and carbon sequestration through investment in energy management, water, and wastewater management, green information and communication technology, renewable energy, waste management, green transportation, and the sustainable design of campuses should be appreciated.

The product of such an approach can bring health and economic growth to our country by getting rid of excessive dependence on unsustainable sources and fossil fuels. In addition, the development of conscious environmental infrastructure in universities can be extended beyond the students and the domain owned by the complex, like other organizations and sections of society will be affected in some way by the positive results of the Green University.

After the successful formation of the Green Management Steering Councils in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, significant achievements of projects and actions in the field of green management in universities, educational and research centers, and science and technology parks have been achieved as a result of attention to sustainability and health. It is considered as one of the policies of the Ministry of Education. Given the current need to pay attention to health at the national and global levels, the goals of universities in academic activities should include the reduction of energy consumption, water, and monitoring of carbon footprint, etc. The health of university users.

Holding the third international conference of Green University with a focus on health and sustainability, as well as the fourth national exhibition of green management, is a good opportunity to present the country's continuous higher education efforts in line with the goals of sustainability and health development in the country. It is hoped that with the transfer and exchange of experiences of administrators, students, and professors of domestic and foreign universities in the country with international universities, the movement towards the goals of the Green University will accelerate.

It is also essential that we take advantage of the opportunities of the international community and related global organizations and always remember that as educators of the next generation, our current actions can be a good and effective way forward for the future.

It is hoped that higher education will play a key role in building a sustainable and healthy world as such that we will become a good trustee for the future heirs of the earth.

I hope the output of this conference to be fruitful for everybody.

 God Bless you All